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Chimney Flashing
South East London

To Prevent Roof Leaks, Chimney Flashing Is Necessary A&L Property Maintenance

Don’t Put Your Roof At Risk Of Leaks And Have A&L Property Maintenance Repair Or Install Chimney Flashing In South East London, Kent and Essex

A&L Property Maintenance uses chimney flashing to seal any gaps between the chimney and the roof as a preventative measure. The joints between a roof and a chimney are one of the most vulnerable sections of a roofing system in South East London. As temperatures fluctuate, the joints on your roofs expand and shrink.

Our Guarantee

Free site inspection and survey
There are no hidden costs involved
Fully aligned with British standards
Fully Insured with long guarantees
Clean and efficient
Professionalism and attention to detail

Flashing in South East London has allowed for the expansions and contractions to take place naturally, resulting in water being unable to penetrate the intersections. If a chimney flashing isn’t properly fixed in South East London, the roof will be penetrable to water when it rains, causing damage to things such as the ceiling. In South East London, a properly installed flashing can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

The ceiling around the chimney starts to get brown once water enters it, indicating that you should contact A&L Property Maintenance roofing company. A&L Property Maintenance is one of London’s most reputable roofers. A&L Property Maintenance has over a decade of expertise in the field and has established itself as one of the industry’s leaders.

The customer is always our top priority at A&L Property Maintenance

Every effort is made by A&L Property Maintenance to ensure that its customers are completely satisfied with the company’s services. When a client contacts us, we launch an investigation to discover what caused the roof leak. We’ll give you a quote that includes a comprehensive analysis of our findings as well as the planned course of action after we’ve completed our study. Following the completion of your job on agreed-upon dates and pricing, A&L Property Maintenance’s roofers will come to our business van to begin your project.

Call us to obtain affordable, dependable roof repair services in South East London. Simply call us on 0800 292 7859 if you want to learn more about our services and for high-quality chimney flashing in South East London that you can rely on.

Does Your Chimney Urgently Need Our Attention?
Call A&L Property Maintenance On 0800 292 7859

For a free site inspection and survey, please call 0800 292 7859 or email We will be happy to carry out the best chimney flashing service on your roof in South East London, Kent, and Essex. Thank you for considering A&L Property Maintenance!

The A&L Property Maintenance Promise

Many Years Of Roof Industry Experience

For more than ten years, A&L Property Maintenance has specialised in roofing and cultivated a reputation for high-quality service. Our roofers are highly trained and experienced, which allows them to consistently exceed industry standards when it comes to chimney flashing installations. It is at the core of our firm’s mission to ensure that the A&L Property Maintenance standard is maintained in all we do.

A&L Property Maintenance Is Always A Safety Priority

During the duration of roofing, A&L Property Maintenance fulfills the safety of your house by employing experienced and required specialists that guarantee the safety of your property throughout every operation. All of our roofers are certified in health and safety, so you shouldn’t have any issues regarding employee or consumer protection while doing business with us at A&L Property Maintenance.

Low-Cost, High-Quality Maintenance

A&L Property Maintenance was aware that unexpected events can occur during chimney flashing, and as a result, we insured all works from us. A&L Property Maintenance strives to satisfy the demands of its clients in order to ensure customer satisfaction. A&L Property Maintenance’s customers’ pleasure is significant, especially because satisfied consumers bring in more business for the company. So don’t hesitate to call us for more information on our roofing services in South East London. We are dedicated to maintaining the excellent reputation that has made A&L Property Maintenance a household name in property maintenance. We must safeguard our reputation so you may be sure to receive the highest quality of services from us. Because we have developed long-term relationships with suppliers that offer us the best prices on high-quality materials, we are able to provide inexpensive pricing to our clients.

Call A&L Property Maintenance on 0800 292 7859 for a trustworthy and professional roofing contractor in South East London. We provide free site inspections and surveys with no hidden costs involved. Our staff is fully insured, so you can rest confident that your property will be handled with care. Over a decade of expertise.

Our Services

Our Services

Roof Repairs

Make Your Roofs in South East London, Kent & Essex Functional Again Using A&L Property Maintenance Roof Repair Solutions has specialists that can help you with all sorts of roof repairs, including slating, felt repairs and replacements, pointing and moss removal, restorations, chimney repairs, and gutter replacements.

New Roofs

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable roofing contractor, then contact us today. We are a trusted roofing contractor in South East London, Erith, and Kent. We specialize in new roofs and roof installation for both domestic and commercial properties. Our team of experienced professionals are qualified to carry out any roofing installation, big or small.

Roof Maintenance

Do you check your property’s roof on a regular basis to ensure it is in good condition? It’s easy to forget about your South East London, Kent & Essex roof until something goes wrong. Keeping your South East London, Kent & Essex roof in excellent shape is easier said than done. Regularly inspecting the condition of your property’s roofs is a great habit to have in order to extend your roofs life.

Building Services

We also provide building services and renovation. Our team of experienced professionals can take on any building or renovation job for both households and businesses, and we always work to the highest standards. We offer a wide range of services, including interior and exterior renovation, brickwork, extensions, painting and decorating plus many more. We’re proud to have a reputation for quality and reliability, and we always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. If you’re looking for a reliable building contractor in South East London or Kent, contact us today or find out more below.

A&L Property Maintenance
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